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Large Format Slab System

Large Format Slab System
Large Format Slab System


Large format slabs are expensive, and their large size increases the difficulty of handling them, as well as the risk of damage. To address these issues, TILER has developed and designed a complete range of products specifically tailored for large format slabs. The TILER Large Format Slab System is designed to ensure the safe and efficient handling of slabs throughout the installation process. This includes workbenches that can accommodate large format slabs, as well as manual and electric cutting machines specifically designed for cutting large format slabs, catering to the cutting needs of installers working with various thicknesses of tiles.In addition, there are equipment available for efficient and effortless transportation of large format slab tiles.


Large format slab universal size
24 x 48 inch (60 x 120 cm)

30 x 60 inch (75 x 150  cm)

48 x 48 inch (120 x 120 cm)

60 x 60 inch (150 x 150 cm)

60 x 120 inch (150 x 300 cm)

63 x 126 inch (160 x 320 cm)

71 x 118 inch (180 x 300 cm)

71 x 138 inch (180 x 350 cm)

79 x 158 inch (200 x 400 cm)

large format tile on Flooring

large format tile on Wall cladding
Wall cladding
large format tile on Counter-tops
large format tile on ourdoor spaces
Outdoor spaces


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large format slab system Information

TILER offers a complete range of tools specifically designed for cutting, handling, and installing large-format porcelain slabs. With the increasing popularity of these materials, TILER offers a selection of tools that provide solutions for the transportation and installation of these special materials.

TILER's line of products includes a range of cutting solutions, such as the manual cutter and the electric cutter. The best solution for cutting porcelain slabs on the market, TILER's cutting system is complemented by a range of transport and handling elements, which make it easy to transport and install these materials.

Large Format Slab Cutter DB-2:  Large format slab cutters are ideal for use in the installation of large format tiles where precision cuts are required. This is a tool designed for cutting large format porcelain sheets of up to 4-12 mm thickness. It features a cutting wheel and a guide rail that allows for straight and precise cuts. This model also comes with a separator that helps prevent breakages during cutting.

Large Format Slab Working Bench DB-TB-3: This is a specialized workbench designed for handling and cutting large format porcelain slabs. It typically features a large, flat surface that provides a stable cutting surface for the slab cutter. 

Large Format Slab Carrying System DB-CY-3:This system is designed to facilitate the transportation of large format porcelain slabs. It includes products such as transport carts, suction cups, and carrying straps. These products help to make the ride of large-format porcelain slabs safer, easier, and more efficient.

Large Format Slab System Accessories: This is a range of accessories that are designed to complement the large format slab cutter, working bench, and carrying system. Some of the accessories available include separators, crossbars, and leveling systems. These accessories enhance the performance of the large format slab system and help to ensure that the installation of large format porcelain sheets is carried out with precision and accuracy.

TILER's commitment to providing high-quality tools and excellent customer service makes it the go-to choice for professionals who demand the very best.

Cutting a ceramic tile takes just a few seconds compared to using an electric cutter. In addition, manual tile cutters are clean to work with, as they produce minimal mess since they don't require water or create dust.

Another advantage of using a manual tile cutter is that it doesn't require electricity, meaning that you can work anywhere on the job site without needing a power source nearby. Unlike power tools, manual tile cutters don't require water cooling, providing a great level of autonomy while working in any location, without the need for a water supply or creating a wet or dirty surrounding area. Therefore, manual tile cutters are reliable tools, providing the ability to make accurate and clean cuts on any kind of ceramics, including porcelain, which is a common material used in tiling projects.

One interesting point about manual tile cutters is the low cost of consumables. Scoring wheels are long-lasting and low-cost tools that can be used to make many cuts in a cheap and easy way. In addition, they are very easy to replace on TILER manual tile cutters, allowing you to change the scoring wheel whenever you need a different type or when it wears out.

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