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TILER is committed to providing installers with precise, efficient, innovative, and professional tile cutting and laying tools.

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Tiling Tool Categories

TILER is committed to providing installers with precise, efficient, innovative, and professional tiling tools. Our six product categories encompass all the necessary tools in the tile decoration field, including Tile Cutters, Large Format Slab Systems, Tile Carrying & Laying Tools, Tile Leveling Tools, Grouting & Cleaning Tools, and Other Tiling Tools.TILER is committed to building comprehensive categories in the tile installation field, covering all categories from preparation, cutting, drilling, and installation to grouting and cleaning, encompassing every aspect of your work.
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Tile Cutters

Used for cutting ceramic, porcelain, and other types of tiles to fit them into specific spaces or to make custom cuts for design purposes.


  • Manual Tile Cutters
  • Electric Tile Cutters
  • Tile Cutter Accessories
large format slab cutter and tools system manufacturer

Large Format Slab System

Design for working with large format slabs, and can help ensure that the slabs are handled safely and efficiently throughout the installation process.


  • Large Format Slab Cutter
  • Large Format Slab Working Bench
  • Large Format Slab Carrying System
  • Large Format Slab Accessories
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Tile Carrying & Laying Tools

Used to move,manipulate and level tiles during the installation process in a safe and efficient manner.


  • Tile Glass Suction Cup
  • Vacuum Suction Cup for Tile Carrying
  • Electric Suction Cup for Tile Carrying
  • Tile Vibration Machine
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Tile Leveling Tools

Used in tile installation to achieve a consistent and professional-looking finish.


  • Tile Spacers
  • Tile Leveling Tools
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Grouting & Cleaning Tools

Used to apply and remove grout during tile installation,clean and maintain tile surface after the installation.


  • Grout Floats
  • Notched Trowel
  • Sealant Removal Kit
  • Grout Cleaning Bucket
  • Sponges, Floats and Pads for Tile Cleaning
other tiling tools manufacturer

Other Tiling Tools

Used in tile installation and maintenance to ensure a professional-looking finish and to make the installation process faster and more efficient.


  • Tile Glass Mosaic Nipper
  • Tile Markers, Supports, and Templates
  • Tile Drilling Tools
  • Tile Polishing Tools
  • Safety Protection Tools
  • Rubber Mallet, Tile Beater
  • Tile Scriber, Tile Grout Saw
  • TILER Display Shelf

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As urbanization accelerates and the demand for housing and commercial space decoration continues to surge, the tile tool industry is witnessing tremendous opportunities for growth. The increasing construction and renovation activities in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors are driving the demand for tile tools. With a rising number of construction and remodeling projects, there is an ongoing need for precise and efficient tiling tools.According to market research reports, the global tile tool market is experiencing year-on-year expansion and is projected to reach a value of approximately $6 billion by 2026. These statistics highlight the immense potential and profitability of the industry.Seize the chance to be a part of this rapidly expanding market and position yourself as a leader in the tile tool industry.JOIN US NOW !!!

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Insight From TILER Distributors

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TILER business partner :America Building Materials Chain Store

America Building Materials Chain Store

"As a large building materials retailer, we prioritize timely supply and stable quality. TILER's commitment to product quality and supply chain management has ensured stable sourcing without frequent complaints. Their responsive after-sales service has been greatly appreciated. We thank TILER for their support and look forward to a closer partnership."

TILER business partner:Germany Tiling tools distributor

Germany Tiling Tools Distributor

"We're a professional distributor of flooring tools with a focus on quality and expertise. TILER's products fit our needs perfectly with their exclusive distribution and prompt feedback. They offer us comprehensive support and services with lower operating costs, resulting in competitive pricing and quality."

TILER business partner:Thailand Small Wholesaler

Thailand Small Wholesaler

"We're a small wholesaler that values both price and quality in our products. TILER's brand provides us with a great price-to-quality ratio and reliable products. They prioritize service and support, promptly responding to our needs and questions. Additionally, their expert product guidance has helped us better meet market demands."

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TILER - Tile Tools Manufacturer

TILER is a brand established by its parent company JohnTools, which was founded in 1996. It is a premium manufacturer of tiling tools. Since the invention of our first tile cutter, we’ve committed to provide a series of innovative solutions for home renovation and improvement projects. With over 28 years of experience, patented technologies, and unrivaled production capacity, TILER has become an industry leader, serving clients in over 130 countries.

We champion the spirit of craftsmanship and are devoted to making products with perfection, precision, and safety in mind all the time. Through advanced design, high-quality products, and customized services, TILER makes tiling easy and delivers an enjoyable experience to installers.


We are always committed to creating a "resource-saving and environment-friendly" living environment for human beings while providing a series of innovative solutions for home renovation and project improvement.


Become a respected global century-old enterprise in the tile-laying tool industry.

The Story of TILER's Founder


Mr. Hu was a renowned craftsman in Hangzhou, China, known for his mechanical tools. He passed on his skills to his daughter and son-in-law, who founded JohnTools in 1996 to manufacture manual tile tools. Their dedication to quality and innovation has made JohnTools a leader in the industry and established the TILER brand.TILER Story
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