30 years of customization experience

We Provide Tiling Tools Customized Services

As an expert manufacturer of ceramic tile cutting and laying tools, we provide customized products and services to meet the specific requirements of our global customers.









tile cutter manufacturer workshop
tile cutter manufacturer workshop
tile cutter manufacturer workshop
tile cutter manufacturer workshop

Production Process

We have a standardized production process and strict quality control to ensure that each tool meets quality standards.







Injection Molding



Welcome to the innovative new factory of TILER, the legendary site that has dominated the global tile cutter market for a decade. For every five tile cutters sold worldwide, one is manufactured here. Our commitment to quality and technological innovation has consistently earned us the trust and accolades of our customers.

Here, we have gathered a top team of engineers in the industry. We are relentless in our pursuit of technological advancements, striving to equip our customers with tools that are not only more efficient but also smarter. Our research and development center is a beacon of innovation; every TILER tool is subject to rigorous testing and refinement, ensuring unmatched performance and reliability.

The facility boasts state-of-the-art production lines and manufacturing techniques. Our ongoing investment in the latest machinery and automation technologies guarantees that our products meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Each TILER tool is crafted with precision, embodying the spirit of craftsmanship at every step of its creation.

But our focus extends beyond product manufacturing to encompass the well-being and development of our employees. We foster a work environment that is both vibrant and secure, one that motivates our team members to unlock their full potential. Their dedication and expertise are pivotal to the success of TILER tools.

TILER is committed to providing superior tile installation solutions to a global clientele. Our tools are renowned for their robust performance and reliability across various industries, offering our customers enhanced value and efficiency.

Step into the digital and intelligent realm of TILER's factory, a place of legend born from a decade of leading the global market. We will continue to uphold the spirit of excellence and innovation, providing our customers with unparalleled tools and services. Let us join hands and create a more brilliant tomorrow together!

OEM/ODM Cooperation Process


Both parties confirm the intention to cooperate and conduct preliminary negotiations, including discussions on product specifications, technical requirements, prices, delivery time, etc.

Sample Confirmation

Based on the preliminary negotiations, samples are made and confirmed, including design, materials, processes, and other aspects.

Contract Signing 

After sample confirmation, both parties sign a contract, specifying the specific terms of the cooperation, product specifications, quantity, price, delivery time, etc.


According to the contract, production and processing are carried out, and quality control is conducted during the production process.

Inspection and Acceptance

After production is completed, product quality inspection is carried out, and acceptance is conducted to ensure that the product meets the requirements specified in the contract.

Packaging and Delivery

After acceptance, the product is packaged and shipped.

After-sales Service

After the product is shipped, after-sales service is provided, including technical support, maintenance, returns, and other services.


We take pride in our ability to provide highly customized solutions for every client. Backed by 30 years of OEM/ODM experience, we have developed custom products for numerous renowned international building material brands and retailers. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach but rather work closely with our customers to deeply understand their specific requirements and develop tailored products and services accordingly. From initial product design and branding to manufacturing and large-scale production, our team possesses the specialized expertise and agility to customize every step of the process. Whether you need unique product configurations, bespoke packaging, or a complete private label solution, we can bring your vision to life. Our unwavering commitment to customization ensures you receive a final product that perfectly aligns with your brand and target market. Let us demonstrate how our customized services can drive your business forward.

What customized services do we offer?

  • Product Design & Development
  • Logo & Packaging Design
  • Private Label Manufacturing
  • Mass Production & Supply

Trusted Certificate

Our certifications and credentials assure you of the exceptional quality and reliability of our products and services.
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ISO 9001 tiling tools manuafacturer in China
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ISO 45001 tile cutting machine factory in China
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