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Welcome to the TILER brand distributor team! We are currently recruiting professional tiling tools distributors worldwide, and we aim to work with our distributors to develop the market and provide high-quality tiling tools and excellent services. Our products include Tile Cutting Machine, Large Format Slab System, Tile Carrying Tools, Tile Leveling Tools, Grouting & Cleaning Tools, Other Tiling Tools, etc., suitable for all tile installation and beautification projects. As a TILER brand distributor, you will enjoy our support and assistance, including marketing, sales support, technical training, and other services.Choose TILER and become the leader in tiling tools industry!

Our Global Distributor Network

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TILER know what you have been through

Have you ever encountered the following troubles when collaborating with other suppliers?

Unstable product quality

"I have previously purchased some tile cutting machines and, unfortunately, discovered quality issues with some of them. Some of the machines exhibited manufacturing defects, such as loose blades or inaccurate cutting lines, shortly after use. This resulted in numerous customer complaints and product returns, requiring me to invest significant time and effort in addressing these issues. Not only did it harm my reputation, but it also affected my customer relationships."

Delivery delays or unreliability

"I have collaborated with a supplier in the past to purchase tile cutting machines, but they often failed to deliver the products on time. This caused significant trouble for me as I couldn't meet customer demands or complete projects as planned. It disrupted my business schedule, eroded trust from my customers, and sometimes even put me at risk of losing customers and experiencing business losses."

Inadequate after-sales support and technical service

"On one occasion, I encountered issues with a tile cutting machine I purchased and needed timely support and solutions from the supplier. However, their after-sales support and technical service were severely lacking. I faced numerous difficulties, such as a lack of prompt responses or effective solutions. This not only hindered my ability to meet customer needs but also increased customer complaints and maintenance costs."

Price competition and profit squeeze

"In the market, there is intense competition among suppliers selling tile cutting machines, which leads to price competition. This exerts tremendous pressure on me, as I must strive to maintain product quality and provide excellent service while lowering prices. However, this poses significant challenges to my profit margins, and I must find a balance to ensure profitability and competitiveness against rival suppliers."

Lack of innovation and differentiation

"I have noticed that some suppliers offer tile cutting machines that lack innovation and differentiation. They are similar to other products in terms of functionality and design, making it challenging for me to highlight my competitive advantage in the market. As a purchaser, I need to collaborate with suppliers who can provide innovative solutions and distinctive products. This enables me to attract more customers and maintain long-term partnerships with existing clients."


We not only specialize in tiling tools manufacturing , but also prioritize your business to assist you in achieving your long-term goals.
TILER has 28 years of OEM and ODM experience

30 years of OEM and ODM experience

TILER is a well-known brand in the industry. Every 5 manual tile cutters sold worldwide, one is produced by TILER's parent factory JohnTools. TILER is also the manufacturer behind many popular tiling tools brands in the market.

TILER full range product line -tile cutting & laying tools show room


TILER offers great value for money, with a price point that is more affordable than its competitors, yet delivers a product with a five-star quality and performance.

TILER R&D team technological innovation

Professional R&D Team

TILER has a professional and experienced R&D team that can collaborate with customers to develop competitive products for the market, providing more valuable options for customers.The distinctive features, innovative design, and competitive advantages that TILER products possess can provide our partners with greater market competitiveness and profit potential.

TILER Product Quality Guarantee

Product Quality Guarantee

TILER employs advanced manufacturing technology and high-quality materials, implements strict quality inspection processes, and provides a long-term product quality guarantee and after-sales support.

TILER Reliable Delivery Commitment

Reliable Delivery Commitment

TILER promises timely delivery and provides reliable logistics partnerships to ensure the products reach customers on time.

TILER High-Quality After-Sales Support and Technical Services

High-Quality After-Sales Support and Technical Services

TILER has a well-established after-sales support and technical service system. This includes offering customer service channels with prompt responses, a dedicated technical support team, and thoughtful solutions.

What Do We Provide

We are about the interests of dealers, let us grow together


We offer comprehensive support services, including detailed information on tile cutters and tiling tools, as well as technical assistance for seamless operations.


We provide exclusive pricing and discounts for our TILER tools distributors, allowing them to benefit from special offers and enhance their profitability.


As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer complimentary maintenance parts for TILER tools.

Promotion Fee

We offer partial cost sharing and support for brand promotion, helping our partners increase brand visibility and market reach while minimizing expenses.


We offer warranty coverage, repair services, and technical support to ensure excellent after-sales service for distributors and their customers.


We provide comprehensive training programs on product knowledge, sales, marketing, and customer service to help distributors effectively sell and support TILER's products.

Insight From TILER Distributors

Hear Their Success Stories

TILER business partner:America Building Materials Chain Store

America Building Materials Chain Store

"As a large building materials retailer, we prioritize timely supply and stable quality. TILER's commitment to product quality and supply chain management has ensured stable sourcing without frequent complaints. Their responsive after-sales service has been greatly appreciated. We thank TILER for their support and look forward to a closer partnership."

TILER business partner:Germany Tiling tools distributor

Germany Tiling tools distributor

"We're a professional distributor of flooring tools with a focus on quality and expertise. TILER's products fit our needs perfectly with their exclusive distribution and prompt feedback. They offer us comprehensive support and services with lower operating costs, resulting in competitive pricing and quality."

TILER business partner:Thailand Small Wholesaler

Thailand Small Wholesaler

"We're a small wholesaler that values both price and quality in our products. TILER's brand provides us with a great price-to-quality ratio and reliable products. They prioritize service and support, promptly responding to our needs and questions. Additionally, their expert product guidance has helped us better meet market demands."

What Type of Person Are We Looking For?

Are you the person who's on the same page as TILER tools?


We offer comprehensive support services, including detailed information on tile cutters and tiling tools, as well as technical assistance for seamless operations.


Believe in the significant impact and influence of TILER in the industry.


Possess a strong reputation, good credit, and substantial financial strength, capable of effectively managing market risks.


Adhere strictly to the regulations and guidelines established by TILER headquarters.


Embrace innovation and stay updated with the latest advancements in tile installation tools, techniques, and technologies. Show a willingness to adopt new and improved methods.

Customer Focus

Place a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and understand the importance of providing high-quality products and excellent service to meet the diverse needs of customers.


Demonstrate a collaborative mindset and a willingness to work closely with TILER to achieve mutually beneficial goals. Foster open communication and actively contribute to the partnership.

Market Awareness

Possess a keen understanding of the market dynamics, including trends, competition, and customer preferences. Continuously monitor and analyze market conditions to identify opportunities and make informed business decisions.

Frequently Questions & Answers

Q: Do I need to have extensive knowledge about tiling tools to become a TILER tools distributor?

"While having a general understanding of tiling tools is beneficial, we provide comprehensive training and resources to support your learning and proficiency as a TILER tools distributor."

Q: Will TILER tools assist me in market development as a distributor of tiling tools?

"Absolutely! We actively support our distributors in market development. We provide marketing materials, sales support, and promotional initiatives to help you expand your customer base and drive business growth."

Q: Can individuals become resellers of TILER tools as tiling tools?

"Yes, we welcome both individuals and businesses as resellers of TILER tools. As long as you have an interest in the tiling industry and are committed to promoting and selling our high-quality tiling tools, you can become a distributor."

Q: Does TILER tools have policies in place to protect the market share of distributors?

"Yes, we have policies to protect the market share of our distributors. We work closely with our distributors to ensure fair competition and prevent conflicts of interest. Our agreements and contracts outline the rights and responsibilities of both parties, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership."

Q: How does TILER tools ensure the quality and reliability of its products?

"TILER tools is committed to maintaining high-quality standards. We achieve this by implementing rigorous quality control measures at every stage of the manufacturing process. Our products undergo thorough testing and inspection to ensure they meet industry standards for quality and reliability."

Q: How are prices and profits allocated for distributors of TILER tools?

"Prices and profit margins for TILER tools distributors are determined through a mutually agreed-upon pricing structure. We strive to provide competitive pricing to distributors, allowing them to achieve a reasonable profit margin while ensuring the sustainability and growth of their business."

Q: Is the supply and inventory of TILER tools stable?

"Yes, TILER tools maintains stable supply and inventory levels to meet the demands of our distributors. We closely monitor market trends and work diligently to ensure a consistent supply of our products. In the event of any potential supply challenges, we proactively communicate with our distributors to find suitable solutions."

Q: How long does it take to receive the goods after placing an order?

"The delivery time for TILER tools products may vary depending on factors such as the order quantity, shipping distance, and logistical considerations. We strive to process and ship orders promptly. For specific delivery timelines, we recommend contacting our sales or customer service team, who can provide you with the most accurate information based on your order details and location."

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TILER's global expansion is ongoing and will continue to keep the brand in line to remain at the top.

If you are interested in establishing a partnership with TILER, please complete the contact form below or send an email to Our distributor management team will get in touch with you to discuss further collaboration in a one-on-one manner.

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