TILER aims to create a product line that matches the quality of top-tier brands but at half the price, making your work easier and more enjoyable while keeping money in your pocket.
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Who Are We

Redefining Craftsmanship in Tiling

At TILER, we are redefining craftsmanship in tiling. With over 30 years of experience, we are dedicated to providing installers with exceptional tools that embody the essence of artistry. Our journey began in 1996 with the born of our revolutionary tile cutter, and since then, we have continuously pushed boundaries to deliver nothing short of perfection.Craftsmanship is at the heart of everything we do. We leave no stone unturned in our quest for excellence, combining traditional techniques with advanced design principles to create tiling tools that are both functional and a joy to work with. Our products embody the passion and expertise of the craftsmen who use them.But our commitment goes beyond tools. We strive to make the tiling experience easy, enjoyable, and rewarding. From personalized customer service to tailored solutions, we go the extra mile to ensure every interaction with TILER is memorable. We believe tiling should be a journey of self-expression and fulfillment, where installers can unleash their creativity and achieve remarkable results.We believe in the transformative power of tiles. Our work impacts the lives of those who inhabit the spaces we help create. That's why, for every tool sold, we contribute to tiling initiatives in underserved communities. Through these efforts, we aim to inspire and empower individuals, creating a ripple effect of beauty and opportunity.TILER is not just a brand; it's a testament to the artisans, dreamers, and visionaries who shape our world, one tile at a time. Join us on this journey to rediscover the beauty of craftsmanship, unlock your potential, and create spaces that tell stories of passion and excellence.
TILER tiling tools manufacture show room
Together, let's redefine the art of tiling.

TILER Tiling Tool Manufacturer Timeline

We are constantly evolving and growing
TILER old factory building

John Hardware Tools Co.,LTD. Established


the first manual tile cutter

First Tile Cutter Exported to Poland


First Time Attended Trade Fair Abroad

First Time Attended Trade Fair Abroad


as a representative of outstanding entrepreneurs was interviewed by CCTV

JohnTools as a representative of outstanding entrepreneurs was interviewed by CCTV.


TILER Brand Established

New Brand Established - TILER


German style professional tile cutter

A Top-level Product was Designed in Collaboration with German Experts.


TILER full range product line

Focus on Innovation and High Quality, Dedicated to TILER Promotion.




We are committed to providing installers with high-quality and high-efficiency tools for cutting and laying tiles, while creating a "resource-saving and environmentally friendly" living environment for humanity.



To become a respected global century-old enterprise in the tiling tools industry.

TILER Core Technology for Tile Tools

  • Self-lubricating technology with no gap between the Slider and Guide Rail.
    TILER tile cutters feature cutting-edge self-lubricating technology that ensures smooth operation without any gaps between the slider and guide rail. This means that you can effortlessly slide the cutter along the rail, resulting in precise and efficient tile cutting. The self-lubrication mechanism eliminates the need for manual lubrication, making the tile cutter user-friendly and low maintenance.

  • Automatic dust removal technology for the Guide Rail.
    TILER tile cutters are equipped with automatic dust removal technology specifically designed for the guide rail. This innovative feature effectively removes dust and debris from the rail, ensuring optimal performance and preventing any obstruction that could affect the cutting accuracy. With this technology, you can maintain a clean and debris-free cutting environment, enhancing the longevity of the cutter and achieving precise cuts.

  • Automatic magnetize and release technology for the Breaking Bar.
    TILER tile cutters utilize an automatic magnet and release technology in the breaking bar. This advanced feature allows for convenient and effortless locking and releasing of the breaking bar. By simply applying or removing magnetic force, you can securely lock the bar in place for accurate tile breaking and effortlessly release it when finished. This technology streamlines the tile-cutting process, saving you time and effort.

  • Anti-pinch technology for the Handle.
    The handle of TILER tile cutters incorporates an anti-pinch technology, prioritizing user safety. This intelligent feature detects any resistance or obstruction during the handle operation and promptly stops and reverses the movement to prevent finger-pinching accidents. With the anti-pinch technology, you can confidently handle the cutter, knowing your safety is protected.



Our solar panels can reduce carbon emissions by 12 tons each year, equivalent to saving 800 trees.
While building solar panels, we will buy green electricity from the government through green vouchers to further help the environment. 


    We have obtained international certificates and are committed to designing and using renewable materials to produce environmentally friendly tools, showing our company's dedication to environmental protection globally.


      Our solar panels can reduce carbon emissions by 12 tons each year, equivalent to saving 800 trees.While building solar panels, we will buy green electricity from the government through green vouchers to further help the environment. 


        Our company is committed to responsible corporate citizenship. Our social responsibility program spans community engagement, diversity and inclusion, and employee wellbeing. We partner with local non-profits to address societal challenges. Cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace enhances our ability to innovate and serve customers. We also prioritize worker health, safety, and welfare through training, safety protocols, and benefits. By prioritizing social responsibility, we drive positive change while sustaining long-term business success.

          Special Events

          TILER is an active participant in various exhibitions and events every year, constantly striving to enhance its brand influence. By engaging with customers and users, TILER values any feedback and suggestions to improve its products and services.

          As a socially responsible enterprise, TILER is committed to giving back to society through various charitable activities. TILER looks forward to continuing to provide high-quality tools and services to our customers while contributing to the betterment of society.

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