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Shocking! What causes electric suction cups to survive a car fire unscathed...

Shocking! What causes electric suction cups to survive a car fire unscathed...

May 8,2024

TILER Tools: Users' Safety is Our Top Priority

One month ago, one of our American users Phillip experienced an unfortunate incident while celebrating his daughter's birthday at a restaurant – his truck caught fire accidentally, resulting in the near-total destruction of the car and the items inside. fortunately, his family was not in the vehicle at the time, so there were no injuries. While the car and its contents were mostly destroyed by the fire, our TILER Tools electric suction cup surprised the customer by remaining undamaged.

Despite some damage to the plastic parts of the suction cup, the rubber base remained intact, and the battery within the electric suction cup did not explode. Despite some external damage, the core components of the suction cup remained undamaged.

This result may come as a surprise to many, but it is the outcome of our commitment to quality and safety in the design and manufacture of TILER Tools products. Our suction cup utilizes the best quality nitrile rubber, which exhibits excellent heat resistance. This explains why it remained undamaged while other items in the car were destroyed all.

What's even more reassuring is that the inner batteries did not explode in the fire. It is frightening to imagine what could have happened if the suction cup's battery had exploded, potentially leading to a series of explosions of other parts inside the car and possibly affecting nearby residents!

This incident highlights once again the importance of electrical safety and the necessity of choosing and using products that meet high safety standards. Although we cannot eliminate the risks of fires and accidents, by selecting certified and safety-compliant products, we can minimize potential safety hazards and protect the well-being of individuals and their property.

We extend our heartfelt wishes for peace and safety to every family. We at TILER Tools will continue, as always, to dedicate ourselves to providing products of excellent quality and reliable safety to ensure the security of our customers during use! 

The link to the mentioned vacuum suction cup can be found here  https://www.tilertool.com/products2129382/Tile-Carrying-Laying-Tools.htm

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