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TILER Showcases Innovative Achievements in the Field of Tiling Tools to the Global Market

TILER Showcases Innovative Achievements in the Field of Tiling Tools to the Global Market

Apr 19,2024

Guangzhou in April is full of vitality and the air is filled with the freshness of spring. The 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) is held as scheduled. The slogan of the Canton Fair, "Trade with the World, Benefit the World," conveys its vision and mission of promoting global trade and economic cooperation. Through extensive exchanges and cooperation with countries around the world, the Canton Fair has achieved a win-win situation, providing more opportunities and platforms for the economic development and cooperation of countries worldwide.

In recent years, the field of tiling tools has been constantly seeking innovation to improve construction efficiency, simplify operation processes, and enhance construction satisfaction. In this field, the TILER brand has showcased outstanding achievements to the global market with its unique technology and forward-thinking solutions. TILER is a self-owned brand established by Hangzhou John Hardware Tools Co., Ltd. It is a manufacturer that integrates design, research and development, production, and sales, with a history of focusing on tiling cutting and laying tools for over 30 years. Its products serve more than 130 countries worldwide, with over 500 cooperative customers, and have maintained a leading position in global tile cutter sales for 10 consecutive years.


The TILER brand has brought many groundbreaking products to users through advanced and practical technological innovations. For example, the TILER tile cutter adopts automatic magnetic suction technology, allowing the breaker to easily lock in place without obstructing the line of sight during the cutting process. Additionally, users can simply lift the handle, and the breaker will be automatically released, enabling one-handed operation. This technology simplifies the tile cutting process, provides more precise cuts, and saves time and effort.


Furthermore, the handle of the TILER tile cutter is designed with an internal limit device to prevent finger pinching, enhancing safety during operation.

TILER has many other innovative technologies that effectively address user pain points. To solve the problems of unevenness and long working hours in the installation of large-sized slabs, TILER has developed a 190mm diameter tile vibration machine. This vibration machine can adjust the vibration level according to the requirements to meet different tiling size demands. With one-click operation, it quickly levels the tiles, eliminates air pockets, significantly improves construction efficiency, and reduces issues such as uneven tiles and hollow sounds that require rework.


The TILER brand has six product categories, including tile cutters,large format slab systems, tile carrying and laying tools, tile leveling tools, grouting and cleaning tools, and other tiling tools. Its product philosophy is precision, efficiency, innovation, and professionalism, always dedicated to providing installers with high-quality and efficient tile cutting and laying tools, making tiling work easier.

Through the Canton Fair, the TILER brand has showcased innovative achievements in the field of tiling tools to the global market. These innovations not only improve construction efficiency and quality but also bring more convenience and opportunities to the construction industry. With the continuous development and improvement of TILER's technology, we believe that the field of tiling tools will experience more innovation and breakthroughs.


The TILER booth was crowded with people, and customers highly praised our product innovations. They expressed surprise at the breadth of our product line and showed strong interest in the comprehensive tiling solutions provided by TILER. This has attracted the attention and cooperation intentions of numerous domestic and foreign customers. During the exhibition, we had in-depth discussions with many customers, exploring the development trends and market demands in the field of tiling tools. These positive communications have inspired and encouraged us. We will continue to strive to provide excellent products and services to meet the growing needs of our customers. At the same time, we will actively cooperate with like-minded partners to jointly explore the market and promote the development of the tiling tools industry.


For more information, please visit our website at https://www.tilertool.com/aboutus.htm

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