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Laying Large Format Tile - 6 Key Tips for Success

Laying Large Format Tile - 6 Key Tips for Success

Sep 26,2023
Large-Format Panel Handling Systems
Laying large-sized ceramic tiles is a major trend in the construction field. Knowing how to tile this format is a big benefit. They are a solution that combines practicality with aesthetic or decorative goals, both indoors and outdoors.

What Is Large Format Ceramics?

We understand a large format as any tile with dimensions exceeding 40 cm on one side.

This form of tile is used increasingly frequently in new construction and renovation projects. The most common formats currently are 60×60, 60×120, 30×120, 120×120, 75 x 150 cm, etc.

Advantages of Large Format Ceramics

Large format tiles provide a greater sense of spaciousness, create a sense of continuity, and offer a variety of different applications.

On the other hand, while laying each piece requires more time and effort, each piece covers a larger surface area. This means fewer tiles are installed. Large format tiles optimize the use of time and resources, one of the most important factors in any construction project.

Is Laying Large Format Tiles Complicated?

The laying of large format tiles does require some adjustments to the laying techniques and tools used. To handle these larger artifacts with ease, follow these tips for completely satisfactory results:

Tip 1: It is very important that the substrate has a stable and completely flat surface. If the base material does not meet the requirements, it is not suitable for large-format ceramic tiles. Make any necessary changes before continuing.

Tip 2: Buttering the back is crucial for large formats. This requires applying a thin layer of adhesive to the back of the tile and the substrate. We recommend using a trowel with teeth that are suitable for the size of the tile.

Tip 3: It is highly recommended to use suction cups. Not only can you place the tiles more comfortably, but you can also adjust their position and check the coverage of the adhesive.

Tip 4: To ensure a perfectly flat surface and avoid any unevenness, we recommend using a leveling system to prevent them from moving during setup.

Tip 5: In large-format ceramics, tile-to-tile joints are more important than ever. We should use rungs and "T's" which can overcome the small size variations of some tiles. Additionally, this facilitates setup via joints. Using a leveling system does not eliminate the use of shims and T-shims.

Tip 6: As far as cutting is concerned, large format tiles can be cut with both manual tile cutters and electric tile cutters. But make sure there is a model available for larger sizes.

Large format ceramic tile panels, often referred to as "porcelain tiles" or "format porcelain tiles," have gained widespread popularity in the interior and exterior design and construction world. Typically measuring 1m x 1m or more, these oversized tiles offer a range of aesthetic and practical benefits. In order to take full advantage of large format tile panels, it is crucial to have a proper handling system. Here's why they're crucial:

Minimize Risk of Damage: Due to their size and weight, large-format tiles are more susceptible to cracking. Manual handling or inadequate equipment can result in chipping, cracking, or even complete shattering. Large format panel handling systems ensure panels are moved and installed with minimal risk of damage.

Enhanced Safety: Proper handling systems, such as vacuum lifts or suction cup systems, can take stress off workers' bodies, thereby reducing the risk of injuries and accidents.

Efficiency and Speed: Large-format tiles cover more surface area with fewer pieces, making them a time-saving installation option. With the right handling equipment, workers can transport and position these panels quickly and accurately, speeding up the installation process.

Precise Placement: Achieving precise alignment and even gaps between large-format tile panels is critical for a polished and professional finish. The handling system provides the control needed to precisely position the tiles, ensuring a seamless appearance.

Minimize Tile Waste: Large-format tiles are expensive, and any breakage or damage can result in a lot of wasted material. The handling system reduces the potential for damage during shipping and installation, minimizing waste and cost overruns.

In summary, the importance of a large format tile panel handling system cannot be overstated. They play a vital role in ensuring the successful and efficient installation of these oversized tiles, benefiting construction professionals and their clients. Investing in the right moving equipment not only improves safety and efficiency but also helps improve the overall quality and aesthetics of the finished project. The TILER large format tile slab handling system can be used for tile handling and transportation of large format tiles and slabs (such as porcelain and ceramic slabs). The system provides a safe and efficient way to move bulky ceramic tiles from one location to another, such as from a cutting area to the installation site. If you want to purchase a large format tile slab handling system or other tile handling or laying tools, please contact us.

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