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12 Tile Installation Tools Professional Installers Always Need

12 Tile Installation Tools Professional Installers Always Need

Jun 27,2023
what tools do i need to install tile
It can be difficult to undertake a successful tile installation project without the right tools and equipment. In fact, these items are essential to making sure your work looks professional and not amateurish. As experts in the tile industry, we've compiled a list of the most important tile installation tools every installer should have before starting a project. Just be sure to cross these items off your list before getting started.

One of the most important tools for a professional tile installer is a manual tile cutter. The tool allows users to make precise, clean cuts on tiles of all sizes. Manual tile cutters are lightweight, easy to use with one hand, cut quickly, and won't affect ceramic or glass surfaces. Depending on the type of manual tile cutter, one can make 26-inch, 36-inch, and 60-inch cuts.

2. Tile Saw

For jobs that require greater precision, an electric tile saw is required. They can cut a variety of materials including glass, ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone. These lightweight tools are easily used by one person, yet are powerful and accurate for clean, smooth cuts on even the toughest materials.

3. Diamond Drill Bits

Diamond drill bit kits come in handy when you need to drill holes in tile to fix plumbing, drain, or faucet connection finishes. The drill uses mathematical precision to penetrate the surface of the tile without causing it to crack or crack. These important tools are suitable for materials such as granite, porcelain, glass, and marble, depending on the diameter of the drill bit. By using kits that are available in different sizes for wet cutting, you can work cleaner on-site without excessive dust and noise.

A quality tile leveling installation system will have all the elements needed to prevent tile lip cracking: caps, pliers, and strips. The tile strips allow for quick leveling, while the cover ensures even pressure distribution across the tiles for a consistent, flat surface. The pliers also help level the tiles.

5. Tile Cutters or Pliers

Tile cutters or pliers are another useful and user-friendly tool. They are designed to expand the support in the tile and create a tile edge. They are also recommended for making circular patterns on tiles.

6. Tile Trowel

A tile trowel is a must-have on the job site. They are absolutely necessary to create an elegant and professional look. Use a trowel to ensure that the mortar is spread evenly and smoothly along the substrate so that the tile adheres as evenly and firmly as possible. Whether you're installing tile on walls or floors, make sure you choose the right size trowel to ensure proper coverage every time. The trowel should also be lightweight and strong so that the mortar mixture can be applied effectively without straining your hands or arms.

7. Rubber Grout Float

Grouting is an important part of the installation process as it ensures an even and clean surface. Grout is the material that fills the space between tiles to fix the gap and lock them together. The Rubber Grout Float is a strong yet flexible pad attached to a C-shaped handle. Different grout floats come in different thicknesses and durometers so you can choose the exact tool for your project.

8. Tile Spacers

Keeping the joints between each set of tiles straight and even is critical to ensuring the tiles are installed properly. Tile spacers are an important tool for this step. They get the correct spacing between tiles and help transition to other tile patterns on areas of different spacing. A variety of spacers are available and are reusable.

9. Tile Mortar Mixer

A tile mortar mixer is a tool that serves two important purposes. First, it helps installers create the right mortar consistency for better tile installation. Second, it reduces the strain on the hands when manually mixing the mortar. A quality tile mortar mixer will make this part of the job smoother and faster to ensure a stronger bond between the substrate and tile. Whether you need to mix cement, adhesives, paints, resins, and more, there are different mortar mixers to choose from.

10. Rubber Bucket

One item that is often overlooked before starting a tile project is the rubber bucket. Rubber buckets are used for mixing and transporting mortar and are easier to clean than plastic buckets. Even if the mortar dries completely in the bucket, it is still easier to remove from the rubber than other materials. Rubber buckets are also very durable and versatile and can be used over and over for different tile projects.

11. Bubble Level

A bubble level is a simple instrument used to ensure a surface is perfectly level. These tools have a small glass bottle in the middle that uses tiny air bubbles to show if the fluid levels are perfectly balanced. If the surface is level, the air bubble will be in the exact middle of the vial. Bubble levels can be used for floor and wall tile installations.

12. Tape Measure

Using a tape measure and a chalk line will ensure accurate tile-laying measurements. This tool will help you create perfectly parallel and perpendicular lines. Tape measures come in different types and styles, so make sure you choose one that is good enough for your project. A tape measure that is too short will result in inaccurate measurements because you will need to mark where it ends and start over from that point.

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